Every Woman Should Feel Beautiful
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About Saadia 

I am the founder of KOALD Cosmetics, a Beauty Educator, Makeup Artist, and Eyelash Extensions Artist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Growing up I was always fascinated with the medical field so it is no wonder that as an adult my educational background is in the medical arena. My passion, however,is in helping as many women possible Feel Beautiful both inside and out!  I provide various makeup services including, but not limited to individuals needing my services for print, in production, and for bridal services.  My signature as a makeup artist has become my flawless application of makeup, along with the positive experience that I ensure each client has from the moment they walk into my studio. In my Eyelash Extension artistry I take personal pride in creating lash looks and styles for my clients- always ensuring that the lash style is customized to fit each individual’s preference and lifestyle.  


My love for makeup application was expanded when I found a deeper love in educating individuals on the art of makeup! Whether it’s a 1-on-1 session or a classroom full, I teach makeup application and techniques to women who’d like to be their own artist. In addition, I enjoy helping aspiring makeup artist master the art of makeup artistry.  This course is also upgraded and extended to beauty professionals who would like to add lash extension artistry as an additional service to their business, or for individuals who’d like to start a business as an Eyelash Extension Artist. 


In February of 2018 I founded a line of makeup called KOALD Cosmetics. KOALD Cosmetics offers a variety of beauty products that can easily be used by the most inexperienced woman or added to any professional makeup kit to compliment the collection. One of my favorite products in the KOALD Cosmetics line is the cream stick foundation. The coverage is buildable and the finish is flawless!


I love every aspect of my job as a beauty professional! I am able to meet people from various backgrounds in all different stages of life. In light of this, I have also been afforded many opportunities to travel the world to service women with their makeup needs!  Over my years as a beauty professional I have come to realize the power of my service. I Reveal Beauty, Restore Confidence and Empower each woman that I come in contact with!  

“My Diamonds Shine!” - Saadia